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  • Get the distro's/vendors to

    a) include the more recent perl, and httpd
    b) get them to compile it properly, just as slash needs
    c) comments in the INSTALL doc on how to get Slash to properly work with OSX 10.3, and comments on whether or not one should strip perl/httpd1.3 off OSX and install from src or... etc etc.
    d) get the distro's to include all/more-of the perl modules that Slash needs.

    While I don't agree with some of what the article's submitter says (installing's *not* that hard on Linux, IMHO, and it's not installing slash that's hard, it's installing perl and apache that's difficult, like Cliff mentions), Cliff hit it right on the the nose when he talked about Perl and Apache.

    The thing is, there is *PLENTY* in the INSTALL file that talks about how to use CPAN. Really, there is. And there *never* used to be that much information in the INSTALL years ago. It used to be if you didn't know how to use CPAN, installing Slash was way more difficult. If you follow the tips in the install installing with CPAN makes things *so* much easier. Most of the perl modules do install on their own (again, Linux, Redhat9/8/7 referred to there).

    For those of you that have been using Slash for a few years, do you remember the days before Bundle::Slash?? Now *that* was a PITA.

    From spending my time on IRC and answering people's pleas for help, I estimate that 99% of all the people who say they are having problems installing HAVE NOT READ THE LATEST INSTALL FILE completely, and are NOT following it's directions.

    If OSDN could lay it's leverage and get a-d done above, that would probably help people start using Slash across the board. All they'd have to do is d/l the src, and 'make install', setup DBIx::Password, add GMT to their MySQL, and the run install-slashsite to create a new site.

    lottadot []