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  • by rizzo (2828) on Friday March 08 2002, @11:26AM (#4465) Homepage Journal
    I'm about to move my web/mail server from a T1 to behind my Ameritech DSL firewall (ISP wants me to actually pay for colo). I plan to do port forwarding on 80 and 25 on my firewall/router. I imagine I'll have some interesting tricks to perform. BTW - I *highly* recommend zone edit [] for handling DNS (especially dynamic DNS) needs. Really great interface, and free up to five domains. Even lets you control MX info.


    • DNS service by nwyman (Score:2) Friday March 08 2002, @11:40AM
  • by ericdano (1000) on Friday March 08 2002, @03:26PM (#4467) Homepage Journal
    Why is this a story? I have a FreeBSD slash site that was behind a OpenBSD box (2.x something) for a long time till I decided to get a Linksys BEFSR41 [] router/firewall box and use the box that was running openbsd for something else.

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 08 2002, @11:29PM (#4473)
    Any of you guys have a suggestion on how to get my site to poke through firestarter? I run the wizard and open up port 80 to everyone but still can't see the site from outside.

    I know this is a nix newbie question... so be gentle;)