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  • Thanks for the Suggestion.

    I tried checking the authors check box and setting users security level so they can see the admin interfaces on their page. Still when a user posts a new story or accepts a story it showed up as the default admin account.

    I fixed it in a small way by hand modifying the authors_cache table. Still only the default admin account shows as an author in the authors page. I figure since slashdot itself has multiple authors...somebody out there must know something more. BTW...I'm ru
    • by rgoun (3129) on Thursday October 31 2002, @06:22AM (#5418) Homepage
      I found that new Authors don't show up on the Authors page until they have posted a story. (Or until you bump their storycount, as you noticed.)

      Also, there's a small bug in the main;authors;default template. When displaying, the bio for an author whose storycount is 0 is appended to another author's bio. The workaround is to leave each author's bio empty until that author has posted a story. I sent a trivial patch to the slashcode-general list last February. If you want it and can't find it in the archive, let me know. (Posting patches here is a royal pain.)

      -- Roger

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