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  • OK,

    2:47 am, here.... I just did overwrite the Bender 1.1.3 install with 1.1.5 due to some probs with not being able to delete Portald Blocks and having problems with the search...

    I have NOT done any SQL updating...

    following probs:

    Search is now totally hosed, returning every story there is, no matter what has been entered

    Fancyboxes are now hosed in netscape

    No titlebar anymore, I think I know the fix for that one, according to the changelog

    Still no search when you click on an Topic Icon :(

    Also when trying to edit a story, it breaks due to duplicate HTML headers (at least thats whats in the html source).

    Gonna have a smoke break, some coffe, then I might install another site and compare Templates in the DB, and try to salvage what can be salvaged from the 1st site, since its just html, its shouldn't be difficult.