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  • by maxentius (6377) on Thursday May 13 2004, @11:58PM (#6221)
    What will this mean to those of us [] who just installed 2.2.6?

    And what are the noteworthy changes?

  • by ChristTrekker (1204) on Monday May 17 2004, @03:52PM (#6222)

    Thanks for the T vs R note. So what is "release"-worthy of something that doesn't get released as a new version? Is it essentially just saying "we're moving closer to 2.3.0, really, and this code is a pretty stable step in that direction"? I haven't been following the development of slash that closely, so apologies if this is well-known. I'm hoping to try an install soon, as soon I can get MySQL to compile on my platform/arch.

    Constitutionally Correct [] ⇐
  • by wskellenger (5286) on Tuesday May 25 2004, @03:18PM (#6226)
    Had to browse the man pages for a bit... Now it seems obvious. But anyway, you need to switch to slash's working directory first if you weren't there already. See bold below...

    $ cvs slashcode login
    CVS password: (hit return, there is no password)
    $ cvs slashcode co slash
    (much activity)
    $ cd slash
    $ cvs update -r R_2_3_0_151 -dP
  • by wskellenger (5286) on Wednesday May 26 2004, @02:23PM (#6227)
    Perl module LWP and LWP::Parallel. So if you see warnings when you're trying to upgrade, install these modules through CPAN and you'll be all set.