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  • by maol (1592) <> on Tuesday July 30 2002, @10:25AM (#5215) Homepage
    What are the exact error messages? Did you read the threads here or on the mailing list about File::Spec (related to Perl 5.8). What version of perl are you running?

    -- []: YAGSS - yet another German slash si

    • I am running 5.8. I have since read some of the File::Spec stuff. I never was too clear on what was going on, but I installed an earlier version of File::Spec, and that error seems to have disappeared.

      Now here I am running make test in mod perl.

      server failed to start! (please examine t/logs/errors_log) at t/TEST line 95.

      Oops, I would have thought perl 5.8. But I did a perl -version and it tells me 5.6.1. I swear I let it install the entire perl tarbar several times.

      Now suppose I look at t/logs/errors_log. I see at the end of the log that apache could not bind to the port 8529, but before that I have some socket prototype mismatches. These have the perl version in the directory reference and this gave me the clue my perl versioning was unexpected.

      I will go check the requirements for slashcode for perl, but I am clueless why I do not have 5.8 already. Please advise.