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  • by Sandor (138) on Sunday July 07 2002, @02:06PM (#5080) Journal
    If its just a YASS on a day/week when no stories link here from slashdots main page, then no, not the avalanche of hits like a  /. post gets. I've never had a story get linked from slashdot to my site so I don't have any real comparative data between the two sites as far as that goes.

    I did have an 'ask slashcode' submission up on this site when an upgrade announce was done on  /. and here a while back. According to webtrends that translated into 280 visits from here compared to the 20 or so that usually visit after an article is posted here that links to my site.

    Now, I really have to wonder about how many simultaneous users will trigger a  /. effect on a server. There have been a few clever submissions to slashdot where the submitter put a page counter in the story just for slashdotting purposes and somehow those sites survived ~13,000 visits in short order. The one that blew my mind was the counter/webcam(on a 486 IIRC) networked pinball machines that was posted there. Still it was only like 3,000 hits when I visited so I guess it all just depends what the interest is and how mmany users that will attract.

    • Interesting, thanx.

      Now, I wonder if that's because of the clientelle that slashcode gets. Basically, are the people that cause the slashdot effect just clickers, and the people that read slashcode actually think before they click? Or is it just sheer numbers?

      When I read of a site here I'll check it out if I'm mildy interested. But, I don't think I am most of the time.

      My YASS gets almost no hits. But then again, it has no purpose.  :-)

      • For here I would say consider the audience. Most of the folks who frequent this site are either interested in or currently run a weblog. They will probably only go and check on a YASS if it sparks thier interests.

        I think you'll probably benefit more over time from a YASS then you realize. I consistantly get traffic from mine. Not an avalanche, more like a consistant trickle and it adds up over time. It does't come close to the percentages that google refers for example but does often rank higher than simi