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  • El 08 Jun 2001 11:26:12 -0700, Brian Aker escribió:
    > Here are some comments I had on slashcode about this:
    > Good start but it needs a couple of things though.

    Sure, it is very basic but I have try to make it very clean and very
    short so we can start to add new functionality very easily.

    > 1) The ability for an admin to approve a plugin (AKA you just don't want
    > everyone adding stuff willy nilly).

    We have a field called active. Maybe this field can only be changed by
    and admin plugin rol. We can have an ACL that controls this. It could be
    a good idea to test the ACL system with this simple plugin to learn the
    possibilities of the ACL system ;-) If not, we can use the seclev
    system. To activate a plugin you need to have more that 5000 or 10000.

    > 2) With category there needs to be a table listing
    > category (AKA so they actually make sense).

    Yes. We can use the createSelect function in Slash and have this
    categories in a table. Maybe plugins_params ;-) because I think that a
    plugin will change the info related to it in the near version of

    > 3) Someway to list changes (so update can happen).

    Ops, the actual interface let you change the info about a plugin if you
    have introduce it. Has you seen this? Try to insert a new plugin and
    then you will have to list. The general plugin in list and a little list
    with the plugins that you have introduce. If you click in a plugin owned
    by you, then the interface show you a form that let you change the
    plugin info.

    But I am not sure if you refere to this. Maybe you talk about the
    changes in the plugin between different versions and the patch needed to
    upgrade the plugin.

    > 4) Someway to have ownership, so that only the editor can make changes.

    It is now in the plugin. If your slash user has introduce the plugin you
    can edit it.

    > 5) RSS output so that people can use it in slashboxes.

    Yes, this is wonderfull :-)

    > What else do others see a need for, aka what would make this the cat's
    > meow?

    1. Instalation instructions.
    2. The possibility to have comments about the plugins from other users
      maybe using a slash story.
    3. The possibility for the user to give points/stars to the plugins