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  • by tf23 (175) <> on Tuesday March 02 2004, @09:06AM (#6187) Homepage Journal
    what version of the blob plugin?

    what version of slash?

    what version of apache?

    what were the exact errors?
    lottadot []
  • by jamiemccarthy (414) on Wednesday March 03 2004, @02:20PM (#6188) Homepage
    I haven't seen this exact problem but if Apache::Test is really the problem, force install that sucker. It always fails for me too. See the paragraph headed "Apache::Test and Apache::Cookie" in the latest INSTALL file, for details.
  • by mpower (5653) on Wednesday March 03 2004, @09:49PM (#6190)
    I'm not sue about most other people...but I have installed slash lately several times...and each time bundle slash craps out on appache test...the issue as far as I can tell is that Apache::Test needs to do its perl Makefile.PL and make commands from root and then run the make test command without root privileges...and finally run the make install (after the make test passes) from root once again...I know it sounds crazy but was the only way I can get the Apache::Test to install...Hope this helps in some way.
  • by Vladinator (1112) <> on Thursday March 04 2004, @12:57AM (#6191) Homepage
    Fails, because you're running as root, or are su'd to root. I had this exact problem when I converted my site at home to slash 2.2.6 [] and pudge figured it out for me.

    Just force it - it will work after that.


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