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  • it's great that you've had luck with this. I've not had the time to try it for a few months.

    your comment regarding moving a few slashsites into one caught my attention - I'm hoping to do the *exact* same thing. I got into a discussion on irc with someone a few months back about it, and they were saying it'd be near impossible.

    I don't believe impossible. I think it'd be very difficult :). I'm wondering how much thought/planning you've given it, or if you've even tried this.

    It would help me drop a few dom
    lottadot []
    • by laotan (203) on Tuesday September 03 2002, @10:46AM (#5285) Homepage Journal
      it was the use of subsections that got me thinking about it. i believe []
      uses subsections, however only along side as yet does not have it. i think i'll prolly write a patch if i get around to it this week.

      as far as importing sites, i did a lot of update set subsection wehre section equals stuff. got me to get into some neat mysql :)