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  • We did a press release to a huge number of non-profits, offering free ads, and requesting their press releases (which we wanted to do, anyway). This has gotten us a lot of praise, as well as a bit of traffic. Also, when I read a cool paper somewhere, I write to the author(s) and ask (hopefully intelligent) questions before I put up a story about it.

    I'm about to start doing comprehensive stories where I'll do quite a bit of research on a topic that interests me, and interview a bunch of experts. I will then invite them to participate in a discussion on a given date. The first one will be about CO2 capture and sequestration technologies. I'm also planning to do one on emerging solar power technologies, etc. You get the idea.

    I also subscribe to a couple hundred listservs. Most of these don't get a whole lot of traffic. I get a lot of material for stories from these lists; and, when I genuinely have something on topic and meaningful to contribute to a list, I put my URL in my sig.

    I'd be curious to know what other people are doing, too!

    earthDot: intelligent life on earth


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth