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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Why not set up a 2 PCs (providing you have the hardware) one slash the other running just a standard like web page. Its also possible to host multiple sites on the same PC. (providing your hardware can handle the load.) Slash is quite resource intensive, but since your a school your not going to be getting that many hits.

    Slash is obviously complex, what will the school do after you leave if you build just a slash site? Maybe future classes won't like Slash. They might want to install IIS instead of Apache. (I'd rather not think about that)

    This way you get both, standard HTML, mabe you throw in a little PHP or some Java here and there. You can mimic all you want then, without worring about messing up your slash theme.

    Plus your Slash site is then seperate to configure how you want it. I believe you can remove the comment posting feature fairly easily.

    - this is just the ramblings of a bored idiot.