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  • I do most of my Slash work on my Windows box. I have prepackaged binaries of Slash 2.2.3 on my website [] and the patches should be applicable to the latest version although I no longer keep up with new versions since my live site is on Linux. Instructions are given on how to install or build.

    Everything works under Linux except slashd which has *nix specific calls that need minor porting

    Finally, be warned, Slash was not originally designed with Windows in mind so my instructions assume you know how to get Slash working on a normal *nix box

    • by sandoz (1460) on Wednesday May 15 2002, @01:59PM (#4843) Homepage Journal
      I've done a bit of work using glorat's partial port. I've working on porting slashd and the rest of the "d's" to run in the task scheduler in windows. I have found the scripts from metadot [] to be a good guide. Just a suggestion though. Progress has been slow since there doesn't seem to be much of an interest in a win32 port.