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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Before I run out and get it and have Krow autograph it, what version of Slash is this based on? The current code base, 2.2?

    And, with the rate of change that Slash seems to be going through, especially in the last 6 months, how relivant is the book going to be in 2-6 months?

    • by chromatic (177) on Sunday January 13 2002, @02:08AM (#4001) Homepage
      We (the authors and our editor) made the decision to concentrate on things that won't change too much between releases -- and to mark the things that will change clearly. Most of the interface elements described in the first half will probably be the same through Slash 3.0 and beyond. As the book progresses and gets into more detail, it's less certain the things that will change.

      For example, one appendix describes the most important database tables. We don't list very many schemas because we know how often they change. :) Also, during the writing process, some of the Slash daemons became tasks and were subsumed (in part) by slashd. There may be a spot or two that claims portald is a daemon, and not a task.

      Still, if there's a second edition of the book, only the release of Slash 3.0 or a big bag of money would compel me, at least, to think it's absolutely necessary. :)