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  • hehe... When I was running a slash 1 series site I created a stylesheet and manually forced it as an include in the page header... I always wondered why there wasn't css support but figured since a style sheet wasn't too difficult to cook up manually never bothered writing it in anywhere in my version of slash.

    Is your css plugin running the info from the db or does it just write a css file from form data?
    • The stylesheets are in the site's theme. It's not in the db, since that would run-around css's 'download the css once, surf the site forever' benefits.

      lottadot []
      • Not what I was thinking exactly.

        I was figuring that your script was a configuration utility that stored the info in a table and would write/rewrite a slashsite.css file whenever you update it, after that it wouldn't change until next time an admin makes a change and forces it to update.

        I wrote something like that for a client not so long ago in vb/asp (please don't throw food...) and it worked out pretty cool.
        • Ah, I see what you're saying.

          Yes, that would be a plugin many people would find useful I'd bet.

          This is just a theme. No code. Just html/css.

          It's up on our cvsweb, you can check it out, at lottadot [].

          I honestly don't know what'll really happen with this. I loved pty's approach, using all the web content accessibility guidelines [].
          Some parts of mine adhear to that, but not all. I think that's truely the "right" way to do it. But that's a ton of work. Maybe over time it can get there...

          lottadot []
          • by pty (3966) <{peter} {at} {}> on Monday May 26 2003, @05:13AM (#6035)

            Hoho, seems like someone else understands how nice it would be to have the Slash templates working nicely with CSS :)

            I think that I could make a stable / usable release of my Strict Slash theme out in say 2-3 weeks.

            That would include valid XHTML 1.1 templates ( and a script to downgrade to HTML 4.01 Strict ), all Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 [] satisfied ( and some Priority 3 checkpoints as well ). Validation of articles and comments. And a good-looking default style sheet ( will not look like the default slashcode theme for various reasons, but that doesn't mean that it isn't possible to do that using CSS ). Plus some smaller things.

            Once I've done that, the theme would only be updated when there is a change in Slash that should be made in this theme as well. Given that this is slash cvs it does happen pretty often.

            And I would branch of this and do bigger changes like getting Slash to comply with the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 [] in a different branch and can later be released as the next stable version of my theme.

            I think that this would make it easier both for me to use the theme on a live site and possibly for someone else that might want to use my theme.

            But I'm not sure if this changes anything for you tf23. If anyone has comments / questions my email is peter (at) .