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  • I believe latest releases of Slash have already a skeleton of this feature available: if you notice, on's own homepage there is a slashbox (maybe it's not in your choice of boxes) with latest comments.

    It comes from a call to [] but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work at my site [] where the links are all broken. Maybe it's been fixed in latest CVS or Krow fixed something for

    I see your work is in a more advanced stage (and also more plea


    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

    • I also had a problem on my site.

      for the version I am running, I needed to fix a problem in

      lines 278 and 279 now read:

      title => "$entry->[5]"."<br>". "<a>"." commenting on: "."$entry->[3]",
        'link' => ("http:"."$entry->[1]"."&cid="."#"."$entry-> [9]"),

      and it all works fine.