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  • by XTaran (2697) <slashcode at deuxchevaux dot org> on Tuesday September 04 2001, @04:26PM (#3300) Homepage

    I agree with flikx: I've got several topics excluded just because I'm not interested in them at all, so I would be nice, not to have that stories in the headline mailings, either.

    But merging the slashboxes' headlines with the Slashdot news articles would get a big mess, I think. It would lower the focus of the Slashdot articles, which most people interested in. That's why they're reading Slashdot and not, because they want to read just the slashboxes including a Slashdot Slashboxes. If you like such things, read the Cheesy Portal [] or GeekBoys [], a (currently shut down) huge configurable Cheesy Portal.

    Or did you think about merging whole extern articles with Slashdot articles? I think this wouldn't work a) because of copyright restriction and b) because of RDF files usually don't contain whole articles.

    P.S.: I'm not really sure, what exactly Daniel means with "mixing slashboxes and news"...

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