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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday September 06 2005, @01:09PM (#6251)

    While it's probably done to allow for more CSS flexibility (rounded corners and all), posts structure could be much simplified:

    • Articles could be organized in a single list (of articles), probably unordered. Definition list could even be considered but would make harder the creation of a unity between the storie's title and content (which would be the price of some more flexibility)
    • The pair of "divs" around the h3 title of stories are not really necessary, and even for the sake of styling a single one would probably be enough.
    • The "div class="details" for the subtitle should be dropped and replaced by a h4 or an h5
    • A single div around the content is more than enough, and I fail to see the role of the one around the image-link (the div of class "topic"), the link+image should be styled directly
    • The 2 divs around links are likewise unneeded, the "ul" should be styled instead, one div could be kept for styling purposes but more is unnecessary clutter of the code

    On the other hand, the fair use of paragraph tags is really cool, makes the code look much cleaner, and the use of lists nearly everywhere where they may be used is nice.