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  • by ericdano (1000) on Thursday March 04 2004, @04:10PM (#6193) Homepage Journal
    You should get together with the Lottadot [] guys and work with them on the CSS version as well. It would make more sense to have a unified CSS version.

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • by gugod (5814) on Friday March 05 2004, @06:44AM (#6194)
    I personally made an edition on this. You may see here [] If you took off the cssurl=.. parameters from url, you may see an "Core Styles" menu, each presents a different styles of Slash.
  • by ChristTrekker (1204) on Monday March 08 2004, @03:00PM (#6196)

    Maybe now that there are dollar $ign$ attached, CmdrTaco will actually get slashdot cleaned up! :D

    Constitutionally Correct [] ⇐
  • by MikeCapone (6346) on Tuesday March 09 2004, @01:28AM (#6197)
    Slashdot *definitely* needs to follow web standards.

    It's just absurd for one of the most popular meeting point of open standards and new technology geeks to still be using messy HTML 3.2 ...
  • by an_mo (2856) on Wednesday March 10 2004, @11:44AM (#6198) Journal
    If you use mozilla you can see the different styles with the style switcher. Really cool stuff.
  • by dolo666 (5736) on Friday March 19 2004, @01:17AM (#6200) Journal
    There is a standards-compliant slashcode clone here []. I'm the coder of that project, which uses PHP, and I'm currently looking at porting the whole package to PHP 5, when it reaches full stability. We support most features in slash, with a few additional ones such as image uploading via database/ftp combo for security. Pictures enter the db for approval, and then can be linked in stories (parsed into them) or comments. Also supported are comments, users, stories, moderation, the zoo, and more. Using XHTML and CSS actually helps keep the code clean.

    The rewrite should enable many features added to slashdot in the last little while, and does include the subscriber features, in a rudimentary form. Suggestions and questions are welcome. :-)