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  • I was really happy yesterday - I spotted there were plugins for
    a) doing a simple view of an article for printing purposes
    b) invite a friend

    but apparently these only work with Slashcode 1.x and not 2.x

    How are we supposed to comment on these plugins? doesn't seem to let us...
    -- SF and Computing Book News
    • I've worked up a 2.1-capable version of the print plugin. You're welcome to try it out []. It's not quite blessed by the original author yet, but it works for me, and could use some testing.
      • by alexmc (524) on Monday October 22 2001, @04:47PM (#3529) Homepage
        Thanks very much chromatic - I've gotten your print working fine on
        It has shown me how to do the basics of plugins (though it didn't show me the full body of the article for some reason - I ended up hacking the template to always show me the body)

        I'd recommend this one to anyone thinking of writing their own plugins....
        -- SF and Computing Book News