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  • for those of you who have the slash src code checked out, and have other things (plugins, themes, etc) checked out from *other* cvs servers, you'll need to update your 'Root' files as well. However, if you do the above, you'll mess up existing accurate Root files.

    Here's one method to change them (worked on an OSX box, and a linux box, ymmv):

    grep " shcode" -l * -r | xargs perl -lpi -e '$_=q{ oot/slashcode}'

    on irc jamie suggested something like this:

            find foo -type f -name Root | xargs perl -pi -e
          '$_ = qq{:ext:jamiemccarthy\ lashcode\n};
            print STDERR "$ARGV\n"'

    Which, that method is probably safer since it specifically only changes the Root filenames.

    Hope that helps.

    lottadot []