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  • by LNC (4529) on Monday March 10 2003, @07:49PM (#5862) Journal
    Here's how I did it:

    1. add an entry to the string_param table
            describing the variable you want to create
            (I learned to do this by reading the comment
            for getOtherUserParams in

            Here's my insert:
                  insert into string_param set
                        name='User\'s zipcode';

    2. Edit the default -> users -> newUserForm
            template. Specifically, add an input
            that references the new variable you created.

            Here's my input tag:
                  <input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="newuserzip"

    3. Create a new user, and verify that something
            was entered into the users_param table

            My entry looks something like this:
            param_id 1
            uid 6
            name newuserzip
            value 90210