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  • CTDATA (my company) has always run a version of Slash that is pre-1.0. This is because of the fact that we ported the code to a non-Apache environment, and we have never had the time or resources to upgrade to the main distribution (either Bender or Fry).

    However, we have studied the differences between our code and the newer versions, and one of the major problems with the newer versions of Slashcode is the lack of static rendered pages on Slash-based Web Sites. I see no reason why static-rendered pages cannot co-exist with dynamically generated pages. The static pages could be served to non-registered users or users with low karma at all times. This would allow us to solve three obvious problems:

    1. performance would remain high when a site was subject to "the Slashdot effect",
    2. email addresses could be embedded in dynamic pages only, providing ways to contact site users and authors that would only be available to active users,
    3. static pages would be better targets for search engine robots from people like Google.
    Our Slash 0.3/0.4-based sites have really good ranking on searches through Google, and we attribute most of this success to static-rendered story pages.


    Dave Aiello
    Chatham Township Data Corporation []