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  • by Sandor (138) on Friday June 14 2002, @12:41PM (#5007) Journal
    I think what would also be cool would be a story more box so users could submit longer stories. On my site sometimes I often get user submissions like this one [] that coe out a mess and require quite a bit of formatting before publishing.

    On a side note; I see that on /. the book reviews submission has some really nice additional fields to it. Are those fields stored in the db seperately or are you taking the user form data, formatting it and then publish as a normal story? Is that custom for /. or is that available in the 2.x series?

    • That feature is available (I think) in the 2.2.5 release but there is no interface to it until you get into CVS.
      It is a actually a pretty handy little feature which is slowly been exteneded to drop downs and other forms of input.

      You can't grep a dead tree.