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  • by tf23 (175) <> on Tuesday May 21 2002, @05:50AM (#4857) Homepage Journal
    (a) whether the developers have any plans to address this
    I doubt it. We're lucky they were able to take advantage of the template system and move most of the text into templates.
    I think the slashcode theme is treated by them as a "demonstration". Its there for people to use, no guarantees. Their concerns seem to be with the code, and of course, slashdot, and the rest of the OSDN sites.

    (b) whether it would be possible for me to easily fix these problems in the templates?
    Easily is debateable. But you could definitely do it. Infact, I would love to see someone do this, CSS it up, and release it in it's own theme. Afterall, it's just cosmetics, really, in the html.
    There's someone on IRC that's starting an xhtml compliant theme. I don't know if it's for a project/customer, nor whether they'll release the theme/code/regex made to conform the normal templates into it, but you might want to look at this post [].

    lottadot []
    • I am happy to take patches to the templates to fix this sort of stuff :)

      If someone wanted to go through and correct templates that would be great. It just isn't a priority for us.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • When I finally get myself in a position to set up slash for myself, I'll likely do this. Don't hold your breath, though. Seems like my personal projects are perpetually back-burnered. I need to find a way to get a slash board authorized at work, so I'd have time to work on it and get paid. ☺

        Constitutionally Correct [] ⇐