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  • by alessio (25) on Friday April 26 2002, @01:39AM (#4753) Homepage Journal
    I've translated Slash into Italian and I am currently working on a bi-lingual Slash site [] to be launched soon. Why do we need multilingual sites, as opposed to site in a specific language (not English)?

    Let me clarify: Slash is a CMS (Content Management System) that couples an article-management part with the great public comments part. All these texts are written in some specific language, so even if you plan to support let's say English, Italian and Spanish, you will have stories in English with attached comments in English and stories in Spanish with Spanish comments.

    Therefore my solution is to have two (or more) slashsites with the same look but using different installations and server names, each serving content in a different language.

    I really cannot see any other way: you can go as far as having the same story posted in multiple languages, but when you start to have comments, they are targeted to a specific language. And if you don't plan to have comments on stories, you're probably looking at the wrong CMS.

    The only other way I can see is an heavy use of sections, each targeted to a specific language. There are some drawbacks in this: you cannot have "real" sections anymore (since there is no thing as a 2nd-level section), topic search returns stories in mixed languages, you have to fix daily mailing of headlines, etc. On the other side, you can have templates for a specific section, i.e. in a specific language.


    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

    • I understand what you're saying about Slash being a CMS and all, but there may be some beny's to it:

      1. If slash has all of it's stock templates translated to different languages, I'd guess that the use of Slash would increase more across other contries then the US.

      2. It'd save people a lot of work if the code were setup properly to use different language settings appropriately.

      And as far as comments being in a specific language - you really cannot control what people post. You can mod it up/down, delete it, but that's it, so if one user types in French and the next user posts a comment to the discussionthread that's in English - not much you can do.

      Infact, I don't ever recall seeing anything in the schema to deal with lang and comments. There's no need imho.

      lottadot []
    • First of all, congratulate you for the effort put on the italian slash site, we'd checked it during our multilingual analisis.

      I see what you mention about having same slash configuration in "two" sites with different languges, what I think is really good for projects like ...

      The matter is that in our case we really need a "simultaneos" multilingual slash, because we planned to translate the user posts.

      How? well, in the European Social Consulta project there are going to be Promoter Groups able to translate into english people posts. They will be helped by automatic translation machines from different languages, and we'll give the user herself/himself the opportunity to do the translation. (you can see page 16 of the specifications

      This is an special project, to discuss issues around Europe, so we need this feature. We hope, that lately it will be useful for other similar projects, specially in Europe where we have such amount of different languages.

      I hope this can clarify why we need a "simultaneous" multilingual slash, and maybe there is more people interested in this feature.

      Thanks a lot for these first comments!
      • I think the concept of being able to translate your stories/comments "on the fly" is a neat idea. The user could pick their default language during the preferences setup (most likely from a pre-set list), and never need to worry about it again.

        I would wonder about the server impact, like translating large amounts of comments at the whim of a web surfer. I'd also be concerned about thing being lost in the translation; sometimes the "fish" makes for some funny translating ;)


        -- [], proudly running Slash since 1/28/2002.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      There are many reasons and you should have experienced by yourself at least one. Devi (you have to) aggiornare (update) i template in italiano ogni volta (everytime) che viene rilasciata (released) una nuova (new) versione di slash. ; That's a lot of useless work, that could be avoided implementing language handling directly in slash code. Morevoer Consulta Europea's needs are rather different and actually quite nice.