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  • by jfunk (1301) on Tuesday July 10 2001, @04:55PM (#2618) Homepage
    Get Webmin [].

    There are a couple of interesting features for you:

    - Process checking: It can check processes at intervals and perform certain actions if they aren't. It can restart them or email an admin (or both). If your cell phone can be emailed (mine can), you will be notified immediately

    - Custom commands: You can create buttons that run commands or scripts and display the output in your browser

    - Process List: A table of running processes are displayed and you can send various signals to them

    There are some other benefits:

    - SSL support: If you enable this then everything is nice and encrypted

    - Perl: It is all written in Perl and you can create or install Webmin modules, which are just specifically written Perl scripts to do various other things. You could even make one specific for Slash configuration/admin if there isn't one already on [].

    - Other Modules: There are a ton of modules for various things at the above link. You'd be amazed at some of the services there are modules for. IIRC there's even one for Half Life server administration

    I've been running it for at least 2 years now one everything, even my laptop, and it is one of the most useful things I've ever installed. It even understands the complexities of different distributions.


    Jimmie Funk, Doctor of Soul