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  • The code you want to look at is under sub commentIndex in

    It's called with sub displayComments is called w/out a discussion to show.

    And commentIndex calls Slash::Search::findDiscussion.

    It looks like findDiscussion only shows discussions that are marked as 'approved':

                    $where .= " AND approved = " . $self->sqlQuote($form->{approved})
                                    if defined($form->{approved})
                                                    && $constants->{discussion_approval};

    So, what you might try is installing the DiscussionEditor plugin, edit one of your user-created discussions, and set approval to ON or whatever it needs to be.

    Then view your discussion list, and see if it shows up in the list.

    Note, I just tried using the discussioneditor on my site, and it's erroring out with

    List ---- MISSING MISCELLANEOUS DATA SEGMENT --- [label] block not found.s

    So I'm not sure what's up with it, maybe it's just my installation on this particular slash site. I don't know, and don't have the time to delve into it further.

    lottadot []
    • I know about this one - I've got a mate who's a bit of a perl guru working on it for me since I got no idea about it. It's why I posted the test discussion on Slashcode - to see if the error may have been the cause, or if it was the default behaviour.
      • I know about this one

        It would have been nice if you would have *mentioned* what you did know, then.

        I just wasted my time pulling up a term, grepping and lessing through the code to get enough information to post information regarding your question.

        to see if the error may have been the cause

        Error? Just what error are you talking about? Keep in mind, just because something doesn't work the way you want it to doesn't make it an any sort of an error.
        lottadot []
        • by Bruceo (4646) on Wednesday February 19 2003, @07:55AM (#5743)
          True, but I think the both of us agree that this:

          List ---- MISSING MISCELLANEOUS DATA SEGMENT --- [label] block not found.s

          is an error. That was the error I was referring to - which seems to occur on default installation of the plugin. I don't think that was the intention of the author.

          It seems as if approval was meant to be required for a discussion to be listed - this is something I need to overcome.

          I apologise if you spent time looking into the issue for me, and thank you for what you have provided. I didn't know where in the appropriate information was. At least now I've got something to work with. So the time wasn't wasted - it gives me a starting point if nothing else.

          For my purposes, it didn't seem as if the error was the issue, since slashcode (I assume) doesn't have the error and discussions still require approval to be shown here. Hence the reason I didn't mention it.
          • The reason that your user-created discussions aren't showing up in the list is the following:

            The SQL statement that is finally run to get the list is:

            select * from discussions where ts <= now AND type='open' ORDER BY ts DESC;

            When a user creates a discussion, that new discussion's type is ='recycled'.

            I just asked on IRC what 'recycled' means, and got an answer:

            <jamie> recycle means old comments/threads are deleted at, I believe, the archive time (two weeks on /.)

            So there's your answer. If you can get the DiscussionEditor to work, you may be able to reset the discussion's type to 'open' via the html interface.

            I picked a discussion on my test rtag site, and set the type by hand in sql. When I hit the discussion list (/ it listed the user's discussion.

            So this is definitely what you're looking for.

            lottadot []
            • Great! Thanks for your help... I think I found a place in that allows new discussions to be created as open instead of recycled. I may be able to change that variable instead and work it that way. I'll investigate further after work tonight.