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  • What is the specific behaviour of the Articles sections, except the fact the titlebar does not bear an extra 'Articles: ' before the title on the index page ?

    The articles section is sort of like a 'default'.

    What is the purpose of 'Isolated' (or 'standalone') sections ? Posts in such sections appear in the index page, so what is isolated really ?

    Articles in a standalone section shouldn't appear on a site's /index page.

    Another one: the 'All topics' and 'All sections' selections are available for posting. My / only shows such posts in the index;

    Sounds like a bug.

    I also have the impression such posts break the navigation between posts...
    So I hacked the code to hide these choices in the submit and admin forms. Is this the way to go, or do you think removing those entries from the DB tables and compute extra 'All topics' and 'All sections' in the search form is better ?

    NO! Don't remove the 'All Sections' or 'All topics' from the DB. Different parts of slash *depend* on their existance!
    lottadot []