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  • by glorat (2431) on Tuesday April 23 2002, @05:28AM (#4738) Homepage
    I have a fully working slash site. You can't just run the .pl scripts from the command line because they aren't perl scripts as such. They are mod_perl scripts... technically meaning your .pl files become subroutines called in a mod_perl environment.

    Here is me:
    [admin htdocs]$ ./
    DBIx::Password returned *nothing* for virtual user DSN (is the username correct?) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/i386-linux/Slash / line 46.

    You will have to look for errors somewhere else. Try the error logs
    • My comments ended prematurely. I should also add that you *have* looked at the error logs and are tracing the error there. Good.

      Looking at the error logs, I can't help, sorry =P My only use was saying that you can't run the scripts from the command line