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  • ...if I have heavily customized everything? I have been reading about template-tool, and dumping that out, then re-introducing the changes to the new version, but what about plugins, images, etc.?

    I've also been trying to read up on the move to CVS - seems a bit daunting, what with the customization and all, but the features...ahh the features...

    Any advice from long-time Slash users on updating? What's the best way?

    -CG  :)

    • by laotan (203) on Friday July 05 2002, @07:01AM (#5075) Homepage Journal
      you'll find that actually maintaining a file/log that tracks your changes/alterations to the base code makes it real easy to either progress, contribute, or otherwise abandon them as development moves forward. a larger project would be to maintain a theme. i do the former and need to get into the latter.
      • This is a GREAT idea.

        I've never even given much thought to it. I usually just make a change and just as quickly forget about it (at least if it works). Sometimes, I'll just put comments in whatever I'm changing, but keeping a separate file/log that shows all of the changes made to various scripts/files is one of those simple ideas I keep forgetting. It's like the old saying, "If you don't write it down, it didn't happen".

        Thanks for the reminder of the simple tip.