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  • by jamiemccarthy (414) on Tuesday April 02 2002, @12:41PM (#4643) Homepage
    Yes, Slash itself runs in GMT. Yes, your site can pick whatever default timezone it wants for the anonymous readers, and readers can pick their own timezones.

    No, Slash doesn't adjust reader timezones for them. Why not? Because doing it right is more or less an intractable problem.

    When is Daylight Savings Time? []

    Now, we could code it up with some difficulty so that it's mostly right for 99% of the likely readers to our site, getting most of the English-speaking countries right, by giving the reader an extra popup choice or two. (Even nailing down US, Canada, the EU, Australia, and Japan would not be impossible.) Those that it was wrong for, would likely be wrong only for two weeks out of the year.

    But other Slash sites might not be helped by that.

    Anyway, there will always be some people that are wrong half the year. There are sections of Indiana that never respect Daylight Savings Time; other parts do. The rest of EST (in the US - there is another "EST" in some other country) is predictable but the same timezone in the Southern Hemisphere may work differently. Etc...

    BTW, my favorite timezone decisions are Iraq and Israel. Iraq's daylight-savings time begins on the first day of Farvardin and lasts until the first day of Mehr. Anyone got a CPAN module for that? And Israel just decides the dates arbitrarily every year!