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  • by dscottj (2927) on Friday March 15 2002, @07:52PM (#4534) Journal
    It's all well and good to say "read the code", but to those of us that don't know perl, that's a helluva lot more difficult than it sounds.

    Because I needed to alter the site, I had to learn perl (took two 8-hour-per-day weeks), and I'm glad I did. But there are still places in slash that simply leave me breathless with an aching head.

    I started installing a slash 2.0.x site coming from 3 years of NT/Netscape/Coldfusion programming experience. I'd never heard of CPAN, knew perl was a programming language but not much else, and that apache was a pretty powerful web server. I'd only been dinking with Linux for about nine months. Took me a solid week of 8-hour days to get it up and running. I completely reloaded the server twice in that time (sometimes I get so screwed up that "Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" is the only way I can get back to a good starting place :).

    The book is great because it gives you a "you are here ->" spot, and a map to where you go. I learned quite a bit, but altering it took learning the code.

    I think it was Krow that mentioned he'd start working on really documenting the code itself soon. I think this would be superb. I for one would love to have documentation that took me step-by-step through what did. Is it a big job? Hell yes! That's why nobody's done it till now. :)

    Some of my projects are nearly as ambitious and big as slash. I think one might actually be that big. If someone put a gun to my head and said "explain how it works! In writing! So a moron can understand it!" I'm not sure I could. So I do know just how big the project must be. But it would sure go a long way toward helping folks like me get the most from the system.

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