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  • by mo´se (676) on Monday October 15 2001, @11:30AM (#3475) Homepage Journal
    Release 2.1.0 looks to me like a big improvement both in features and code structure.
    I just wanted to say that in order to increase the number of positive comments!
    And now, let's see how it runs...
    • Does M2 work, BTW ? Not that I feel this is too important, but slashcode displays the "Have you Meta Moderated Today?" link, yet I always get "No comments available for meta moderation!" w/ I click.
      Bug ? Feature ??
      • Krow will correct me if I'm wrong (eventually :), but he once said moderation's not worth enabling until you get enough comments that a single author can't read them all in one day.

        So I think it's disabled on Slashcode. It seems to work fine on Slashdot.