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  • by dave_aiello (52) on Wednesday December 18 2002, @01:18PM (#5490) Homepage Journal
    I'll try to hit the high points of the Interchange installation I did for a client earlier this month. I will probably develop this into a longer article on CTDATA soon, but I haven't done it yet. Machine configuration:
    • 256 M RAM
    • 3 G HD, auto partition
    • Red Hat 7.2, set up as a server, with LILO
    • Classic X Windows System, X Windows System, and GNOME package groups
    • Interchange 4.8.6 installed from tarball
    • mySQL 3.23 installed from mySQL (not Red Hat) RPMs
    • DBI 1.18 and DBD-MySQL 1.2216 installed from Red Hat RPMs
    • Apache 1.3.27 from Red Hat RPMs
    Obviously, the way I installed Apache may not be compatible with Slash. But, at the moment, the requirements for this machine do not include Slash or Slash-like functionality. I doubt that my Interchange configuration would have broken if I had installed Apache from its sources.

    There was a good deal of trial and error associated with getting this software running to the point where the demo catalog (aka foundation) worked. A lot of the problems were related to plain old UNIX file permissions. Some were related to order of operations.

    I had to do two complete installation attempts before Interchange worked at all. My normal approach to all OpenSource system installation is to build a machine virtually on my laptop using VMware. This worked fine in this case. After I got the second virtual machine to a fully functional state, I repeated the process on a server where a production web site can live.

    As with everything else you read that is this abstract, YMMV.



    Dave Aiello
    Chatham Township Data Corporation []