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  • by jamiemccarthy (414) on Sunday October 27 2002, @10:17AM (#5413) Homepage
    The easy way to find things like this is to grep.

    Slashdot runs (close to) the latest CVS code. Go to [] and follow its instructions to download a directory of the CVS source onto your system.

    (But note that doesn't work, use instead -- ahem, Brian, fix this please :)

    Then cd into that dir and grep -r on the text you're looking for. If you don't find it, look for variations. Here's what found this for me:

    jamie:~/slash.cvs$ grep -r 'em or lose' *
    themes/slashcode/htdocs/moderation.shtml:I want people to use them or lose them.  Otherwise people will hold on to their
    themes/slashcode/templates/index;index;defa ult:Point[% user.points == 1 ? "!</B> Use it or lose it!" : "s!</B> Use 'em or lose 'em!" %]<BR>
    themes/slashcode/templates/index;index;lig ht:Point[% user.points == 1 ? "!</B> Use it or lose it!" : "s!</B> Use 'em or lose 'em!" %]<BR>

    Then just look at those files, in this case the index;index;* templates, to see how Slashdot is doing it.