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  • 1.x installation: Pain in the ass.
    2.2.5 upgrade from 1.x: Pain in the ass.

    Through my trials with the upgrade, I had an easy time with the slash stuff. Most of my problems were due to the old slash site and it's associated mods, etc. From what I understand, and 2.2.x -> 2.2.5 upgrade is pretty easy.

    So I guess the difficulty is directly related to what needs to be done.
    • 1.x->2.x was a real pain. There is no reason to hide this. 1.x had a lot of serious issues and 2.x is just about a complete rewrite.
      The 2.x upgrades should be a lot cleaner. Not sure what the 2.2->2.4 will be like yet. We are starting to compile the schema changes in a upgrades file in CVS to make CVS upgrades a bit easier (not that we ever suggest anyone to actually do this).

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • by Nastard (1588) on Monday February 11 2002, @09:56PM (#4218)
        As long as a 2.2 -> 2.5 upgrade doesn't molest my db like the last upgrade, I think I'll be okay.

        And for the record: if not for you, Jamie, and Pudge helping me, I'm not sure I ever would have gotten the upgrade completed. Thanks :)