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  • I've been running 2.2.6 for over a year now at [] but I covet being cool and hip and running modern slash. I don't mind losing all of the UI work I've put into my current site, but I would hate to lose my users and stories. I am mighty in MySQL and Java, CVS etc -- all the skills of a developer, but weaker in PERL (though I can bend a regular expression if I need to). How realistic is it to think that I could install the latest stable, look at the new schema and the old schema, an
    • Honestly, we're getting to the point where that may be easier. But I don't know since nobody that I know of has tried it that way.

      Most sites have few categories of data besides the UI work: users, stories, comments, topics, maybe some polls. The way that topics are organized has changed radically but the other kinds of data are fundamentally the same.

      If I were in your position I would definitely look at trying it. Start writing a script that will install a new Slash site from scratch, drop in your own top

      • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 21 2006, @03:53AM (#6344)
        you see guys, this is why open source sucks! this project is not interesting enough for someone to code it as a priority (even though it's an upgrade) so it never gets done... WinXP is still able to upgrade from Win95....