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  • by zolik (3078) on Tuesday February 26 2002, @06:58PM (#4340)
    thanks - someone else I knew told me of the same problem today. I fixed it. Try again..
    • by Anonymous Coward

      OK that's working now. But I'm frequently losing my cookie. At least it appears that way. It keeps giving me the login boxes every few minutes/clicks. It's not remembering I'm logged in.

      • I think it's the same problem I have had with other slash sites. Your use of domain name is not consistent. You seem to have,, and with some redirections going on. If a cookie is set for the first, the latter two won't get it. If the cookie is set for the second, the first will get it but the third won't. If the cookie is set for the third, the first two won't see that cookie.

        I had the same problem when I used to go to I finally realized what was going on, and now I just go to and my cookie problem disappeared.

        Constitutionally Correct [] ⇐
        • This is why I put a redirect in pushing people from to

          You can't grep a dead tree.
      • I thought that I had set forwarding to on my dns server for all teachercircle urls. Can you clear the your cache and see if you have the same problem? I suspect that you are looking at some cached pages, but I would like to know for sure. Thanks for your help.