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  • by DarkMoon (1302) on Saturday October 28 2000, @07:18PM (#871) Homepage Journal
    While trying to post a "story" by inserting data directly into the database...
    Some things I found out:

    • You can insert data into the database directly
    • 2 tables that need to have their data: STORIES and STORIESTUFF
    • This story data will NOT show on the mainpage
    • This story will show up when performing a search
    • same goes for when clicking on the corresponding topic
    • The story actually shows up everywhere including the admin gui, exept on the main page.
    • When doing a preview/update of the story under the admin gui the story will then show on the main page
    Now the question would be:
    How do i get the stories I "artificially infused" to show up on the main page?