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  • I'm serious when I ask this:
    • Why would you want to?
    • Can you get rid of the MAC gui and use OS X as a real BSD-like server?

    "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
    • by pudge (6) on Sunday January 06 2002, @07:10PM (#3939) Homepage
      Why would you want to run Slash on *any* particular OS?

      Now, to be a pedant: there is no MAC. There is OS X. There is no Mac OS X.1. There is Mac OS X, version 10.1. And yes, you can run it without the Mac OS X GUI, though there is little reason to do so; if you don't want it, then just install Darwin instead. But you could log in to Mac OS X using Console mode, by typing ">console" as the username in the login screen (IIRC).

      As to the poster's question, I've installed most of the Perl modules. I think I never got XML::Parser installed. MySQL and mod_perl run. So in theory, it should all work (although the Makefile for Slash might not work well, YMMV).