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  • It's nice that you worked on the visual aspects of the journal.
    But what - there are 2 importants things which should be fixed, regarding the journal comments:
    1. Moderation - allow the journal writer to moderate the comments (without affecting the karma, ofcourse)
    2. Archiving - after a while you can't add comments to the journal, and while it's OK for Slashdot stories, I'm not sure if it's too good for journal discussions. For example - look at my "invested" journal [], and see how disappointing it is that nobody can add information to it anymore..
    I hope you consider these. :)

    - Derci

    • Re: #2.

      I don't see a journal entitled "invested"... ??

      I only see 3 of them:

      1. Could you come over? I've got a problem with my CD
      2. Rivalry, fights and politics in the folk dances world
      3. Journal!!!! Cooooool!!!!!!!!
      lottadot []
      • by Derci (2920) on Monday November 12 2001, @04:56AM (#3654) Homepage Journal
        It's not really invested. That's why I placed it in quotes.

        The fact that people can't add messages after a while discourages me from opening real discussions there.

        Maybe it's just a matter of settings?

          - Derci