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  • Borked plugins (Score:3, Insightful)

    Yesterday there was a discussion on IRC of the plugins that were thought to be borked and not working quite so well with the latest cvs.

    Of them, email was one. Also was bunchablocks, discussion editor and menu editor.

    I don't recall the entire list. I'm sure one of the OSDN folk would be able to point them out.

    lottadot []
    • by Bruceo (4646) on Friday March 07 2003, @04:19AM (#5815)
      What was the outcome of the borked plugins discussion? Are people working on fixing them or not? I ask because if there are going to be changes made, I'll just grab the new ones instead of spending time trying to repair the broken ones I've got.

      A friend of mine got email working by changing two lines in

      [1131][root@gytha]1# diff email.pl_orig
      < my($slashdb, $constants, $user, $form, $Email) = @_;
      > my($slashdb, $constants, $user, $form, $Plugins) = @_;
      < my $rc = $Email->removeFromOptoutList($form->{email});
      > my $rc = $Plugins->{Email}->removeFromOptoutList($form->{em ail});

      I also noticed some of the blocks weren't working in bunchablocks, and have had problems with the discussion editor. Haven't used the Menu editor yet so no comments there, but I also seem to be having problems with the Events plugin.

      Anyway - I might swing by the irc channel and see what's going on as well.

      • CVS has been updated for plugins.

        I applied your above patches to Email, if you find anymore please send us patches.

        You can't grep a dead tree.