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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Of course with "a good browser", you can select the stylesheet to use when alternative stylesheets are available. In IE you can't.
    But even "good browsers" like Firefox, Mozilla and Opera don't handle this correctly. When you click on a link that fetches the next page from the same site, the style sheet selection is undone and you again need to pull out the same 3-level menu selection to switch style to the one you want.

    Only Konqueror handles this "correctly", by remembering the style you selected for tht si
    • The real question is how we're going to write a module to solicit style sheet contributions from our users and let everyone try them out and vote on which ones they like best.

      Patches welcome.

      Bonus points if your code automatically ships free ThinkGeek T-shirts to the most popular.

      • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 21 2005, @08:59PM (#6318)
        <I>question is how we're going to write a module to solicit style sheet contributions from our users and let everyone try them out and vote...</I>

        People can try them with user CSS.
        In Opera Shift + G, or Ctrl + G.
        In FF With Web Developer extention or Edit CSS.

        Hard to post CSS because /code adds spaces.

        /* */
        body{font-family:arial narrow}
        h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{color:white;background: #006666;margin:0%;font-family:arial}
        h1 a,h2 a,h3 a,h4 a,h5 a,h6 a{color: #CCCCCC;}
        ul,ol{border:thin solid gray}
        i,em,cite,dfn,var{color:maro on;/*background:#ccc*/}
        b,strong{color:navy;font- family:arial}
        blockquote{color:#300;background:#c dc;font-family:verdana,"Trebuchet MS";font-size:10px;margin:1em 3em;padding:3px}

        a[name] b{display:block;color:white;background:#006666;mar gin:0%;font-family:arial} /* headings  */
        img{font-family:verdana;font-size:9px;border:t hin solid #933}
        a{text-decoration:none;border-bottom: thin solid blue;}
        a:hover{color: #CC0066;border-bottom: thin solid #CC6666;}
        td + td{background:#bbb;}
        dt{background: #CCCC99;}
        • by Anonymous Coward
          Also have to add your stylesheet...
          Press: Alt + P, Advanced, Content, Style options...
          Then Shift + G to activate.

          Here's another small one:

          font-family:verdana,sans-serif;} /* optional */
          h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,a[name] b{display:block;background:#696;color:#eff;margin: 0;padding-left:3px;}
          td td{background:#cdc;}
          b{font-family:tahoma,sans-serif;} /* font optional */