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  • by BlackIce (2632) on Monday August 27 2001, @03:07AM (#3253)
    We are in a downturn cycle...

    If we start persecuting each other, who will win? The big guys! AOL-Time Warner, MSN, ZDNet, etc... and the net will become nothing more than an extension of T.V. and other established media and businesses.

    Look at it, last year they blew the whistle on how BAD the internet is for business... anyone ever considered where that whistleblow came from? Granted there were some totally moronic business models out there, but as a result no one would invest a dime in anything related to the internet.

    Now, if the internet is so bad for business and worldwide brokers and VC's have withdrawn their support from anything remotely related to the net, how come that now more than ever you see "traditional Businesses" advertising their websites on TV? latest I have seen: Ralph Lauren "Polo". Who do you think a broker who has been in business for about 100 years has his loyalty too? The new kid on the block? Or the guys with whom they have done business for 50 years? So far I have not seen many SEC investigations regarding DotCom IPO's.

    One may argue, that "we" with our technological headstart and superiority (technological) and radically different view on how things should be done might pose a threat to the establishment. Never before in human history had individuals so much power to change things.

    There were times that people who wanted to promote change were tortured and killed in a variety of ways, today we are more civilized, we just set them up for failure and make money in the process, gooble up the leftovers and give them to our "old friends".

    Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that the other poster is right, lets call off the dogs, lets help each other instead we will benefit more in the long term!