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  • by lee (6376) on Wednesday March 24 2004, @07:40PM (#6206)
    I have been using Gentoo Linux for over 6 months now and have it installed on 6 computers ranging from Athlon XP workhorse to Apple G3 laptop. It's package menagement system is called Portage and I believe it can solve all the Slash installation problems in one swoop, seriously. Like the BSDs all software is compiled from source. It has this concept it called USE flags. These are compile time options which is exactly what slash needs to be properly configured. These options can tell Portage to download a specific patch or add some flags to the compiler for that package. I found this site through my job, which right now is making a big hosting transition for which is built with a Slashcode CVS checkout that has been customized. I'm taking on the challenge of applying this patch [] to get Slash to run on Apache 2 on Gentoo PPC and eventually BSD. It's far from simple but what I'm doing by typing is all automated by Gentoo's portage: apply diff file to source code, calculate deps for a bundle of packages, compile packages with necessary options, install. Once I have it actually running and the first story is posted I'll write back and possibly get some momentum in making a slashcode ebuild and we can all 'USE="slash" emerge slashcode' -lee