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  • I've been running 2.2.6 for over a year now at [] but I covet being cool and hip and running modern slash. I don't mind losing all of the UI work I've put into my current site, but I would hate to lose my users and stories. I am mighty in MySQL and Java, CVS etc -- all the skills of a developer, but weaker in PERL (though I can bend a regular expression if I need to). How realistic is it to think that I could install the latest stable, look at the new schema and the old schema, an
    • Honestly, we're getting to the point where that may be easier. But I don't know since nobody that I know of has tried it that way.

      Most sites have few categories of data besides the UI work: users, stories, comments, topics, maybe some polls. The way that topics are organized has changed radically but the other kinds of data are fundamentally the same.

      If I were in your position I would definitely look at trying it. Start writing a script that will install a new Slash site from scratch, drop in your own top

      • My chance to contribute to the cause I guess. I'll document along the way and post results and the java I write to make it all work.
      • by Anonymous Coward
        you see guys, this is why open source sucks! this project is not interesting enough for someone to code it as a priority (even though it's an upgrade) so it never gets done... WinXP is still able to upgrade from Win95....
  • Does this tag have the storyless headlines that appear on the index page, too? That's a neat feature.

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  • Has anyone had any success with installing Slashcode on hosted servers, you know, the kind where you pay a company $XX/mo. and get some space? It seems to me they'd have to be awfully nice, because several required packages need to be especially compiled for Slashcode. Or do you pretty much have to have root and exclusive access on a server to get Slashcode installed?