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  • by glorat (2431) on Monday April 15 2002, @09:44AM (#4699) Homepage
    It all depends on your needs I guess so I'll just make some comment and then explain my needs and how I did things

    Should I just import the slash directory once I've installed Slash and then all updates and commits can be copied over the actual Slash files running the site.
    Probably the simplest but don't do this on an important live site in case something breaks your site!! I wouldn't recommend this as a "real" solution. Further, any module changes won't get imported into your system

    Or should I use CVS to store the Slash install files, work on those files and then run the install-slash script everytime I want to view the changes.
    This is more of a robust solution but obviously it's pain having to make install and install-sh every time

    On my site, I have run a CVS *client* repository (ie, not my own) of the slashcode central repository ( I make my changes in this directory to the source and they persist between updates to the Slash core code without conflict usually. Whenver I do cvs update, I see what files have been changed. There are a few cases:

    If the database schema has changed, I either need to start from scratch or try to modify my database by hand using the mysql client

    If any modules have changed (*.pm), I need to run make install on the modules again

    If any templates have changed, it's a manual update through the slash system

    If any scripts have changed, make sure symlinks are pointing to the new scripts and that modules are updated.

    For me, this only works because I make no changes to Slash over time (I'm stuck with the same patches) but if you are making changes over time, then yes, you will need your own personally CVS server repository to make changes on but the way the site gets updated can follow the guides above

    Disclaimer: YMMV