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  • You could try one of the companies on the Companies Hosting Slash Sites [] page if you're looking to pay $$. Some other web hosts might provide Slash for you, but you'll have to call/email and ask.

    Depending on what you're planning to do, you may not need to "hog all the bandwidth" in your room. Unless, of course, you're planning on being the next Slashdot ;)

    Seriously, it's not as difficult to set up as it seems, even less so if you've already read the Slash book. It might be worth the time just for the experience doing it - you never know.


    -- [], proudly running Slash since 1/28/2002.

    • Keep in mind that Rob started Slashdot using University bandwidth I believe :)

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • I don't understand. I have a cable modem at home. Does the cable modem provide a constantly visible IP address that visitors to my slash site will be able to access?

        My understanding is that the cable company can change your IP without notice. Also, I think some of them block port 80 access.

        Is running one's own server feasible for those of us who do not live in college dorm rooms?

        Also, let us say that one bought one's own Linux server with root access hosted by a commercial company. It is expensive, li

        -- Webmaster
        • First, I would look into getting you broadband connection from an ISP that respects your right to do whatever you want with your connection.
          If enough people do this, then the AT&Ts of the world will back down. They can see where the money is going.

          I have never paid for Slash hosting so I can't say anything about the Slash hosting companies.

          You can't grep a dead tree.