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  • by NaughtylilGurl86 (5829) on Saturday January 24 2004, @11:16AM (#6156) Journal
    sometimes life puts us in the fuckin dump, just because we're different and make a few mistakes, but you can't really help it now can you??? there isn't any reason for you to feel like your want to kill me I know all about it i've had the same thing happen and have had to deal with it for 2yrs, but that desn't mean that I want to take the 18 years of life that I have and kill myself. You just always have to remember that no matter what happens it's not always your fault and that if he/she can't recognize that well then guess what you ain't done nothin wrong, you tryed now let her see how it feels to be hurt. whatever you do don't kill yourself, you'll hurt more people then you will yourself!